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bloated stomachSome people can develop a bloated stomach during their lifetime and need to approach the problem carefully. There are many causes of as bloated stomach and most of them are not serious but others require immediate intervention. It is important to know about your stomach and bloating in order to maintain your health and quality of life. Your stomach is one of the most essential organs in your body and if you do not take care of it properly you are setting yourself up for problems later.

One of the most common reasons to have a bloating stomach pain is gas. Gas is produced in our bodies from all of the foods we eat and their digestion. It is a normal process and is required for proper function. Gas stomach bloating increases the pressure in the upper abdomen and can be rather uncomfortable. It is therefore important to manage the gas effectively to relieve ones symptoms. There are only two ways for gas to leave the stomach, out through the beginning of that tract at the mouth or released at the end through flatulence. For stomach symptoms, gas stomach bloating is better relieve through the mouth by burping.

Burping is an essential function for our bodies. Babies require burping in order to release the gas they swallow that collects in their stomach. Adults need something very similar. While adults should not be picked up and patted of the shoulder, they should do their best to allow a burp to be released. By expelling the gas, bloating stomach pain can be relieved. People can promote this by getting up and walking around as well as small contractions of the diaphragm.

A more dangerous cause of a problem in the stomach and bloating is a rupture of the stomach or esophagus. This can happen when someone is retching for a long period of time or has a stomach ulcer. If the lining of the stomach is broken, air can get into the abdominal cavity and cause many serious problems. This type of stomach bloating is accompanied by serious pain and is life threatening. A large infection can set in and result in an abdominal catastrophe.

Overall, the most common cause of bloating is overeating. Our modern society eats a lot of food, more than we should. When a person overeats, it causes distension of the stomach and impairs digestion. The food builds up and causes production of gas. This can also be painful, but it tends to be manageable. Sometimes a person can also suffer from excess acid production and have reflux. Medicines that treat the reflux can be helpful. But the more effective intervention is to reduce the amount of food consumed to a more normal quantity so that the problem is prevented from the very start.

For anyone who is experiencing frequent bloating, they should try to make changes in their diet in order to determine if there are specific foods that cause the problem. For someone who has an acute problem, they should see a doctor. In most cases, making small modifications to their diet and lifestyle can be the most helpful to prevent a bloated stomach.

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